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How does it work?

Are you looking for childcare or a family to share with? We can help you!

On thousands of people offer their childcare services including childcare providers, Live-in/Live-out Nannies, Au pairs, Babysitters... you name it we'll find it!

What type of childcare should I choose? I'm lost already!

We understand! It's rather difficult to choose the right childcare solution given all the options. We've prepared a short guide that presents all the different possibilities available. It's important to understand what they entail, including the financial cost!

Check out our guide to types of childcare.

Can I trust this site?

There's nothing more precious than your children and leaving them with someone can be a daunting prospect. Only you alone can choose someone you feel confident leaving your children with. is a website for ads and isn't a substitute for a recruitment agency. We don't interview candidates who have advertised on the site however we try to do everything possible to ensure that candidates provide valid information.

We try to help you find someone suitable and trustworthy by asking for references, verifying the identity of applicants, their email, telephone number and even their social network accounts, though this is not always the case.

Is the site really free?

Correct, it can be completely free! We take no commission on childcare wages or a finder's fee and the contact with childcarers via the message inbox is completely free. You can even fix a meeting in this way.

The tools (should you opt for them) that are more advanced and provide an additional service in helping link candidates to employers and vice versa are at a charge. It also helps us cover costs and keeps the website going!

Who employs the nanny? is not an agency and the formalisation of a contract is not our responsibility; this is up to you and your employee. We strive nonetheless to help you by offering information on the types of childcare solutions and contracts you need.

You also decide alone with mutual consent the rate of pay and the different conditions that are expected with the childcare.


Really a top nanny!

Super site. I met Louise, Henry loves her and we totally trust her. Thank you.

— Steve and Claire from Rugby

Nothing to say except THANKS!

Our nanny had an accident, you can imagine the panic it caused with my work... You got me through, well done!

— Elisabeth, mum of Zara and Charlie

How does it work? is the the number one childcare website on the internet. You can offer your services to thousands of families who subscribe every week!

Is it free for the nannies too?
Yes! It's free to:
  • post an ad
  • get in touch with families on the site
  • arrange a meeting

Extra options are charged. These are offered to move your profile up the listings and to make it easier to contact families with a greater prospect of being selected.

No qualifications... Can I still offer my services on the site?

If you wish to do babysitting or look after children at the parents residence then it's not compulsory to be formally qualified. Of course in this case you are welcome to offer your skills on the site. Parents are often also looking for tutors or extra homework help so explain your interests and hobbies too.

Is this an agency?

No. helps you via its search system to specifically select a family that you would be suitable to work for. You then establish contact via the site and it's up to you to secure the job. Of course we don't take a commission on your salary or have any hidden finders fee. This website is here to help you and provide a service.

Once you have found a family to work for, you owe us nothing and we hope that you enjoy your new job! :)


Top Site!!

Hi Lily, just a quick email to say I've found two babysitters on and I'm sorted for the next 6 months. Thanks!

- Shelia, childcare assistant in Calgary

Thank you for helping me get work :)

Thanks to your site I find regular babysitting jobs, it helps me out with a bit of pocket money

- Sally, 22, babysitter in London

Who are we?

Hi, Let me introduce myself Alexis, Dad of three great little girls and creator of
My wife and I had difficulties in finding someone trustworthy to look after our children. It's not easy for babysitters and nannies to find the right families either. So I've created this site as a way to try and help everyone with their needs.

I look after the website and Lily helps me with emails!

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